21 jun. 2011

Brock habla del estado de Andy y sobre el Vans Warped Tour

"Andy’s ribs were shattered and he has loose bone fragments that could puncture a lung if he does not stay very still and heal properly. His friends have been with him since the accident occurred and Amy (Andy’s Mom) is flying to L.A. today to help take care of him this week. He tried to jump from the balcony to the stage, but, forgot about the gap. He’s made similar jumps/drops in the past, but, w/ someone below to catch him or help break his fall. He got caught up in the show and forgot about the sizeable gap between the balcony and the stage. He told me that he knew it was going to end badly as he fell. As soon as he hit the side of the stage he knew he’d broken something. He was in shock and tried to keep singing All Your Hate while he laid there on the ground. Security (smartly) took the microphone from him. He got up and everyone told him he needed to go to the hospital immediately, but, he didn’t want to let the fans down. He said he was not really ‘all there’ mentally & started throwing out songs for BVB to play they hadn’t rehearsed or played live for 6 mths. In typical Andy fashion, he said he was embarrassed that he miscalculated the distance between the top balcony and the stage and didn’t want to compound his mistake by ending the show and disappointing the fans. He kept telling me how incredible you all are. BVB will have to miss some of the upcoming Warped Tour schedule as a result of this accident. No one feels worse about that than Andy does. How much will depend on Andy’s healing and recovery. Touring and seeing the BVB Army is everything to Andy. It’s what makes him happy. Having this happen a week before Warped Tour is very tough because Andy grew up going to Warped Tour. He’s really looking forward to it. However, he could puncture a lung from the loose bone fragments if he comes back too soon. The band will make an announcement soon about cancelled Warped Tour dates. Whenever Andy is OK to perform without causing further damage, BVB will join Warped Tour for the remaining dates this summer. That’s all I want to say about that. However, I do want to thank you for the incredible support & get well wishes you’ve sent Andy’s way."

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