12 mar. 2011

Moving Forward Positively - Avanzando Positivamente (Brock Blog)

 One of my myspace friends recently pointed out that a certain young lady (ET) is slinging mud again at BVB all over facebook. Truthfully, from my perspective when someone like that says anything negative about BVB, it winds up having the opposite effect on the people who read it. The old adage "consider the source" was never more applicable. None of the things this person says are accurate and no one in the BVB camp is holding a grudge against any of the former members of the band, regardless of what transpired in the past. Obviously Black Veil Brides have moved forward and, with the band's Army of fans all over the world's support, they are carving out a very nice place for themselves in the rock music landscape. Things have been said by former band members out of frustration and bitterness that they probably regret. Being in Black Veil Brides is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It's a pretty cool gig if you can get it and losing your spot in the band would make anyone sad or, at the very least, extremely frustrated. As far as I know, David "Pan" Burton has moved on and I wish him nothing but the best. I'm rooting for him to be successful in whatever he does because nothing is gained by wishing ill will on someone else. I spoke to David on the phone several times when he was in BVB and liked him. He's a Chicago guy and I'm from Milwaukee so our Upper Midwest (nasal) accents are similar. He's extremely bright, articulate and has a good sense of humor. Also, he's a White Sox fan and that's a team I root for, too. He was upset at that time (it's been nearly a year and a half) and said things that I believe he now regrets. However, that doesn't mean that I hate the guy. At the time I hated his actions, but, the person is someone who is both talented and creative. I wish good things for him.
The challenge for anyone is to make the most out of your opportunities and become the best that you can be. Believe me, when BVB's fans and the rest of the world hear the band's new album, all talk about who did what to whom and who wrote this or that will be a moot point. True artists keep creating and each new project that they undertake has the potential to surpass the one before it. The next Black Veil Brides album, scheduled for release in June 2011, is a perfect
example of that. It showcases the incredible musicianship within the band and how much they have grown as a unit in just a year's time. Black Veil Brides is well on their way to becoming one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. You don't accomplish that by looking back and talking about what might have been. You aggressively go after your dreams and through sheer will you make them happen. 

I'm writing this to officially put an end to any responses I give to any of my myspace friends or BVB fans regarding this matter. From this point forward I will simply refer anyone who inquires to read this blog. I would ask you to do the same. Thanks! 


Uno de mis amigos del myspace señaló recientemente que una señora joven (ET) está hechando mala hostia de nuevo a BVB en todo el facebook. A decir verdad, desde mi punto de vista cuando alguien como ella que dice algo negativo acerca de BVB, termina teniendo el efecto opuesto en la gente que lo lea. El viejo adagio de "considerar la fuente" nunca fue más aplicable. Ninguna de las cosas que esta persona dice son exactas y nadie en la armada de BVB está llevando a cabo un resentimiento contra ninguno de los antiguos miembros de la banda, independientemente de lo que ocurrió en el pasado. Obviamente Black Veil Brides se han movido hacia adelante y, con el Ejército de la banda de aficionados de todo el apoyo del mundo, están labrando un lugar muy agradable para ellos en el panorama de la música rock. Las cosas han sido dichas por ex miembros de la banda de la frustración y la amargura que probablemente lamentará. Estar en Black Veil Brides es una oportunidad en su vida. Es un concierto muy bueno si se puede obtener y perder su lugar en la banda haría cualquier persona triste o, al menos, muy frustrado. Hasta donde yo sé, David "Pan", Burton le ha pasado y le deseo todo lo mejor. Yo estoy apoyando para que él tenga éxito en todo lo que hace porque no se gana nada deseando mala voluntad de alguien más. Hablé con David en el teléfono varias veces cuando estaba en BVB y le gustaba. Es un tipo de Chicago y yo soy de Milwaukee para que nuestros Upper Midwest (nasal) acentos son similares. Él es extremadamente brillante, elocuente y tiene un buen sentido del humor. Además, él es un fanático de los Medias Blancas y eso es un equipo que la raíz para, también. Él estaba molesto en ese momento (que ha sido casi un año y medio) y dijo cosas que creo que ahora se arrepiente. Sin embargo, eso no quiere decir que no me gusta el tipo. En ese momento yo odiaba a sus acciones, pero, la persona es alguien que está tanto talento y creatividad.Quiero cosas buenas para él. El desafío para cualquier persona es sacar el máximo provecho de sus oportunidades y convertirse en lo mejor que puedes ser.Créeme, cuando los aficionados BVB y el resto del mundo escuchar el nuevo álbum de la banda, todos hablan de quién hizo qué a quién y quién escribió tal o cual será un punto discutible.Los verdaderos artistas siguen creando y cada nuevo proyecto que emprenden tiene el potencial para superar el anterior. El próximo álbum Black Negro Novias, prevista para el lanzamiento en junio de 2011, es un perfecto ejemplo de ello. Se muestra la maestría musical increíble dentro de la banda y lo mucho que han crecido como una unidad en sólo un año. Black Veil Brides está bien en camino de convertirse en una de las bandas de rock más grandes en el planeta. No logran nada  al mirar hacia atrás y hablar de lo que podría haber sido. Tu agresiva ira tras sus sueños y mediante su voluntad de hacer que sucedan.
Estoy escribiendo esto para poner oficialmente fin a las respuestas que doy a cualquiera de mis amigos de myspace o aficionados BVB respecto a esta materia. A partir de este punto me limitaré a remitir consultas a cualquier persona que lea este blog. Les pido que hagan lo mismo. Gracias! Brock

10 mar. 2011

Super póster

Super póster de BVB en Kerrang Magazine

9 mar. 2011

Entrevista con Ashley Purdy (metalsludge)

1. This is your chance to plug your shit. Your band, new release, tours, etc..

AP: We are Black Veil Brides from Hollywood CA. We embrace everything that is or was decadent in Rock and Metal. Our sophomore release and first major label debut record is tentatively coming out June 21st of 2011. We’re currently booked touring through Christmas of this year. Japan, UK, mainland Europe, headline AP Mag tour, main stage on Warped, back to Europe for festivals, then to Australia and back to the US for a proper headliner. Whew! That’s a lot of vagina..!!

2. How did BVB all meet and come together, it seems the band has a little history with members coming and going? 

AP. We all met like any other band; musician classifieds and in the local LA music scene. It’s pretty incestuous here. And yeh, like any band, you have to go through lots of players to find the right chemistry that works for the project. Especially for a band with such an image and concept, you need musicians who carry the same vision as you do or its not gonna’ work. The line up wasn’t solidified as “BVB” until about a year n’ a half to two years ago.


3. Your manager is Blasko from Ozzy’s band. How did you get hooked up with him?

AP: Blasko and our booking agent shared the same office space. We were booking shows with Pantheon Agency and were fielding offers from managers at the time. They mentioned we should meet with Blasko and after that meeting it was a no brainer he was the dude to manage our careers; Shit, he was in Danzig, Zombie and Ozzy. He definitely understands image orientated Metal bands.

4. Does Sharon (Osbourne) come around and if so, does she give any advice?

AP: No advice from Sharon, but Ozzy’s first reaction to us when he saw our guitarists in Guitar World was… “Now that’s a Rock n’ Roll band!”
5. Rate a bassist 1-10. A 1 being someone who sucks balls and a 10 being a God of Thunder!

Gene Simmons of KISS =
Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers =
Peter London of Crash Diet =
Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead =
Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue =
JP White of Vains of Jenna =
Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold =
Lexxi Foxx of Steel Panther =
Bobby Dall of Poison =
Blasko  from Ozzy Osbourne =

AP: Man, all these Bassists are great players and more importantly, look good doing it..!! All 10’s !!

6. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
AP: I have no concern of others on what they do or say, I’m too busy in my own life to care. It’s all positive man!


7. On your tour last fall you had an incident. Fell out of the bus, drunk, hurt, hospital – tell us what happened?
AP: Yeh, we were in North Carolina and just finished a show. We were driving to our next destination and the bus had pulled over to a parking lot. Some had already exited and I was talking with our tour manager with my back to the door. Just as I turned around to put my hand on the door to go out, it had been flung open by one of our crew. Therefore, I was just grabbing air while falling out of the bus and landing on my face. I got a concussion and broke my nose and fractured my jaw. Had to get stitches across my face and nose and be flown back to LA to recover and heal. It’s a good thing I had a hot bed side nurse to take care of me during this ordeal! It was a pretty fucked up time.
8. Who were the coolest guys you ever played with and what band were the biggest dicks ever?
AP: We don’t mix and mingle ‘that’ much with the other bands on tour as were always engulfed in our own world, but one’s who stand out as really rad dudes are the Murderdolls and William Control from Aiden. There was one band in particular who were ass’s, but I don’t even want to give them any recognition by mentioning their name.
9. BVB has a next level image. Clothes, make up, jewelry, hair, etc.. What kind of time does it take to get ready for a show?
AP: We usually allot ourselves a couple hours to get ready at our leisure w/ a few drinks while getting into hair / make-up / stage clothes, etc. It’s a process, but we’ve got it down to a routine.
10.  It’s LIVE or DIE! You must choose to live. Ready GO. You have to make out with any BVB band member, who would it be and why?

AP: This question is as gay as 8 dudes fucking 9 dudes… ha ha.. pass.


11. Word Association. We mention a name, you give your first thoughts?
Andy Six  = Where’s my wallet ? where’s my keys ? can I borrow your ( fill in the blank)
Jake Pitts = Chokey, Prince Retard
Wednesday 13 = I want bad things to happen to him
Blasko = Sweet Blasko Meat
CC Coma = Chup Cup, Muppet, Bananas
Michael Jackson = my first Idol
Jinxx = Uncle Creepy
Sandra Alvarenga = sister/brother
Joey Jordison = sick drummer
Nikki Sixx = All in the name of Rock n’ Roll
Perez Hilton = gossip
12. What is the biggest music related check you’re ever received and what did you buy with it?
AP: Our very first BVB check I received I rented a sports car, went to Spearmint Rhino and got an Escort! Fuck yeah!
13.  Are you superstitious? If so, tell us something that you HAVE to do everyday?
AP: Not really, I generally believe in Karma and live a positive life, but I do think numbers have something to do in our lives. This year I’ve been seeing 1’s all over. Our first show this year was on 1/1/11 and since then when I look at a clock, it always shows either 1:11 or 11:11… weird..!!


14. Kill, Fuck, Marry. Kill one, fuck one & marry the other. (Lady Gaga, Keisha, Daisy De La Hoya)
AP: Easy… I already wanna’ Kill Keisha… Fuck Daisy De La Hoya and I’d Marry Lady Gaga.
15. List the 3 highs and the 3 lows so far for Ashley Purdy in BVB?
AP: 3 highs:
1. A debut record on an Indy label with little to no distribution and only available in the US breaking the top 40 Billboard charts and debuting at #36.
2. Quitting the day job and getting signed to a Major Label by the same person who signed Skid Row and able to make image orientated Metal like my hero’s WASP, Crue, LA Guns and KISS.
3. Nominations for Best New Metal Band and Best New International band by Kerrang and Revolver. And being on the cover of those publications.
AP: 3 lows:
1. Missing my puppy dogs while I have to be on the road.
2. The falling out of a bus incident and all the healing associated to it.
3. Soo many girls, but not enough time…
16. If you could bring any 1 woman & 1 man back from the dead, who would it be and why?
AP: Woman: Marilyn Monroe, such an icon and I’ve always been fascinated with her story and legacy.
Man: My Uncle Dennis. A major influence on my life and who I am as a person.

17. List a touring memory of the following in 2-3 words…

Dallas Texas = Laura
Chicago Illinois = Christine
Manchester England = Nina
Los Angeles California = Tracey
Detroit Michigan = Bethany
Atlanta Georgia = Shawna
London England = Zoey
New York City New York = Leigh Ann
Las Vegas Nevada = Kina
Nashville Tennessee = Rebecca


18. Should these 80s bands reunite…yes or no?
KISS w/ Peter & Ace = No
Skid Row w/ Sebastian Bach = YES
Ratt w/ Juan Croucier = No
Van Halen w/ Michael  Anthony = Yes
Warrant w/ Jani Lane = No
19. How much money is in your pocket RIGHT now (change included)?
AP: Exactly $75, no change, hate it.. but I have lots of one’s left over from the Rhino.
20. The Last of Ashley Purdy...The last drive thru you hit = Starbucks
The last time you barfed from drinking = a couple weeks ago
The last band you watched live from the crowd = Murderdolls
The last kind of cereal you ate = Kellogg’s berry n’ yogurt
The last music you bought = Avenged / Crash Diet
The last time you felt miserable = it’s been a while, life’s good
The last item you bought with cash = lap dance
The last time you cried =  got a little teary eyed after listening to the finished new BVB record

bvbMG845 Web.jpg 

We wanna thank Ashley Purdy for his cool interview.