18 may. 2011

K! Quiz with Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy.

Andy: "Me." 
Ashley: "Girls." 
1. What three countries did George W. Bush describe as "The axis of veil?" 
Andy: "Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan." 
Kerrang!: "So close, we'll give you half for that. Are you big on politics?" 
Ashley: "No, we just like the funny stuff that George Bush said, not really the real stuff." 
(Answer: Iran, Iraq and North Korea.) 
[they got half a mark] 
2. Which actress played Laurie Strode in the original run of the Halloween film series? 
Andy: "(laughing) I definitely know this. Fuck, I'm just trying to think of her name. She does the Activia commercials [in the U.S.] right now." 
Ashley: "Jamie Lee Curtis. Ta-da!" 
Kerrang!: "Are you a fan of the Halloween films?" 
Andy: "I like the old ones, I'm not a big fan of the remakes. 
(Answer: Jamie Lee Curtis) 
[one mark] 
3. 'Rational Like' is an anagram of what band name? 
Andy: "Rational like?" 
(long discussion and lots of question repetition) 
Kerrang!: "You do know what an anagram is, right?" 
(K! explains what an anagram is) 
Ashley: "Ohhh, Alkaline Trio." 
Andy: "Oh, so the letters are all switched around." 
Ashley: "An anagram for us [Americans] is, like, BVB is an anagram of Black Veil Brides." 
Kerrang!: "Hmm, isn't that an acronym?" 
(answer: Alkaline Trio) 
[one mark] 
4. What is the only part of the body designed for pleasure? 
Ashley: "This is like a trick question because you know what you wanna say. You can't say penis or vagina because they are two separate things." 
Andy: "Is this something that we both have?" 
Kerrang! "No, but you might have one.... I don't know!" 
Andy: "What does the clitoris do? You don't pee out of it?" 
Kerrang!: "Did you just say that out loud?" 
(cue lots of laughing) 
Ashley: "You don't eat out of it either! And you can't see out of it!" 
Andy: "No, no! I'm listing things that -doesn't- do! :et's go with clitoris." 
(Answer: The clitoris.) 
[one mark] 
5. 'Dosh' is the English slang for what? 
a) Toilet b) Sex c) Money. 
Andy: "Oh for fuck's sake! How would we know that? Is it money?" 
(Answer: C) 
[one mark] 
6. What is Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx's real name: 
Andy: Frank Ferrana." 
Kerrang!: "Do you know his full name?" 
Andy: "No, but it's Italian." 
(Answer: Frank Carlton Serafino Ferrana, Jr) 
[one mark] 
7. How many bones are there in the human hand? 
Ashley: "Do we get multiple choice? No? That's tough! I don't know, what the fuck!" 
(They both try to count their hands) 
Andy: "They're all the little giblet ones...." 
Ashley: "I don't know! This is too fucking hard! 72!" 
Kerrang!: "Right numbers, just in the wrong order." 
(Answer: 27) 
[no marks] 
8. Complete the following album title: Danger Days... 
a) The True Lives OF The Emo Scene Boys b) Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge c) The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. 
Andy: "C. Am I a fan? I like the Three Cheers... record, but I wasn't a fan of the new one. 
(Answer: C) 
[one mark] 
9) Which busty British celebrity wrote the following novels: Angel, Angel Uncovered and Sapphire? 
Ashley: "British?How would we know? This is ridiculous!" 
Kerrang!: "You have a soft spot for this lady, Ashley." 
Ashley: "It's literature though." 
Kerrang!: "Writing isn't her main, um job..." 
Ashley: "That Jordan chick? Yes? No, I don't know her real name. I don't know anything about her except that I would like to see her naked!" 
(Answer: Katie Price AKA Jordan) 
[one mark.] 
10. According to Rock 'N' Roll mythology, Gene Simmons' tongue is how long? 
a) Five inches b) Seven inches c) Nine inches 
Andy: "But there are all kinds of myths. I know everything about KISS, but there's never been one set answer for this." 
Kerrang!: "Stop arguing and take a guess!" 
Andy: "Nine inches? Mo? It's not true. I've never read it anywhere!" 
(Answer: b) 
[no marks] 
11. You sell 134 t-shirts at $5.00 each. How much money do you make? 
(a long pause) 
Andy: "Are you still thinking about it?" 
Ashley: "No, I just phased out!" 
Andy: "670?" 
(answer: $670) 
[one mark] 
12. Spell pterodactyl. 
Ashley: "T, E, R, A, D, A, C, T, Y, L." 
Andy: "Is it T, I, L, E?" 
Ashley: "No I'd say T, Y, L." 
Kerrang!: "Close, but no." 
Ashley: "A silent P?! Is that a British spelling? It has to be!" 
Andy: "'Color', 'favorite', these are words that you misspell..." 
[no marks] 
13. What album cover is this? http: //1.bp.blogspot.com/_xhCGQ-5bK9c/TVE9XfF9OdI/AAAAAAAAA_Q/h4cIV7VHBTI/s1600/murderdolls.jpg 
Ashley: "Murderdolls." 
Andy: "In The Valley of The -Something- Death? They call themselves the Death Valley Superstars." 
Ashley: "We almost got it. We gotta get a half for that!" 
(answer: Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls, Murderdolls) 
[half a mark] 
14. Complete the following lyrics: 'If you wanna be a singer or play guitar...' 
Andy: "(singing) 'Man, you gotta sweat ot you won't go far.' Are there any more questions? I'm actually starting to like this now!" 
(Answer: Man, you gotta sweat or you won't get far.' God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to you II. KISS) 
[one mark] 
15) You are in a dark room with a candle, a wood stove, a match and a gas lamp. Which do you light first? 
Ashley: "You've got to light the match first before you can light anything else." 
Andy: "It's either the match or gas lamp. I would say match. Yes!" 
Ashley: "We didn't hate this. We did good!" 
(answer: the match) 
[one mark] 
How Andy and Ashley scored: 11 out of 15. 
The K! verdict: As contestants go these two have probably been the most argumentative in the history of The K! Quiz, insisting that the questions they got wrong were actually only wrong in the UK. "We don't like losing," said Andy after hearing their score, but they did their BVB bandmates proud with their effort and 11 is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. Andy's familiarity with the clitoris, however, is definitely something that needs more work. Must try, er, harder, dude.

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