12 abr. 2011

Entrevista a Andy Six ·

They may look like Shout at the Devil-era Motley Cruedisciples, but Black Veil Brides sound distinctly emo/screamo, as evidenced by their 2010 debut album, We Stitch These Wounds. And recently, the group's singer, Andy Biersack, was willing to buckle down and commit to a Short-But-Sweet Interview assignment.

UGO: I heard that Black Veil Brides will be releasing a new album this summer. What is it called and what can fans expect?
ANDY BIERSACK: We will indeed! Fans can expect it to drop sometime in June. We are very proud of the new record and for my money it's the best rock and roll album ever made!
UGO: You scream a lot in the songs on We Stitch These Wounds. Why are you so angry?
ANDY BIERSACK: Screaming to me always represents a way to drive home a point within the context of a song...like an exclamation mark. There was a great deal of screaming on our first record as I felt the songs called for it.
UGO: There are two members whose names contain 2 "x's" - were those their birth names?
 ANDY BIERSACK: Ha-ha, no as far as I know Jinxx got his name back in school, although he is a bit of a mystic...it could very well be his real name.
UGO: Is Andy Six [a nickname Biersack uses sometimes] related to Nikki Sixx?
ANDY BIERSACK: No I am in no way related to Nikki Sixx, obviously we are all big Motley fans but my name is Andy Biersack, "Six" was always more of a nickname than anything else.
UGO: I read that the group's original name was "Biersack," after your real last name. Were you hoping to follow in the grand tradition of DokkenKeel, and Winger?
ANDY BIERSACK: Actually "Biersack" was a completely separate band I created when I was in middle school, we would cover old misfits and social distortion songs haha - we only played one show...shortly there after I started up the idea for Black Veil Brides. Name wise I always liked how Germanic it sounded...sorta like Danzig. I never really had the intention of being the Winger type...he smiled too much.

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